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What People Are Saying

 "I found the film to be a poem to creativity and what it means to be an artist for the sake of art itself in this age of consumerism
and marketing."
Beth Osisek, Producer

 "Janz has the rare ability to command the entire space of creativity in everything he does, riveting our focus."
Damian Smith, Art Critic

 "Joanna Kiernan created such a beautiful and unique documentary about Robert Janz. As soon as you can see Janz In the Moment, you should. It's fascinating and unlike any film about street art you've ever seen."
Daniel Albanese, Photographer 

"With great conviction he can make one solid painterly mark, only to have it thrust away to the wind never to be seen again. His images, the reindeer, the mountain, and the bird, are both fleeting and recurring." 
Amanda Schmitt, Independent Curator

"Robert is the monkey. Robert is the joker. Robert is the ninja.
Robert is always in the present."  
Fiona Templeton, Artist.

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