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Mythical Creatures Opens

The opening of Mythical Creatures at La Capella, Gardiner NY on the 4th of July was a great success. Director Matthew Bialecki not only designed the stands on which the Janz animals were exhibited, but also recreated the sculpture “Quakaar” as a 15ft effigy, and burned it in a bonfire during the 4th of July celebrations later that night. Robert was not able to attend the out-of-town opening, but when he saw the images and video he was completely entranced. “He got it exactly right”…”this is my dream,” he said. The exhibition is also accompanied by photographs by Daniel Albanese of Janz’s street work. Clips from “Janz in the Moment” played in the gallery, and late in August there will be a full screening of the film. The exhibition is in place all summer and viewable by appointment.

La Capella de Nuestra Señora Maria del Camino, Field Station

177 Guilford Schoolhouse Road, Gardiner, NY 12561


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